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Things got quiet here all of the sudden but I promise you they are anything but.  It’s looking like the new website will be ready very soon!  I CAN NOT WAIT!   I’m going to take a little break in order to keep working on all the details.   I’ve got a couple of giveaways and some other fun things planned for the relaunch so I hope you’ll join me on that happy day!

C U Soon,



After hours of tutorials and much gnashing of teeth, I finally made something. :)   So tell me, do you like the one in the header or this one better?


This week has been pretty quiet around my house.  Three of the four kids have gone to their grandparent’s house in Georgia for a week of eating all manner of delicious food and generally getting spoiled rotten.  Poor Boy Three had to skip the fun because of baseball practice but I’ve just loved having the one on one time with him.  Not many people know this about him, but inside that fierce exterior is a boy who loves his momma.  Knowing that warms the cockles of my heart.

Wherever those are. 

You would think I would spend all this free time getting my house cleaned.  That hasn’t worked out for me but I have gotten some writing done poolside which is the best place for contemplative thinking outside of McDonald’s.  I took a break from that and went to the church today for the first installment of Terrific Tuesday – a summer program our children’s ministry intern, Julie, is running.  I’ve not mentioned Julie yet I don’t think?  She’s a fabulous 19 year old girl who feels God calling her as a Children’s minister and she is serving our congregation for the summer.  Our kids have all fallen head over heels for her.  She has some serious game playing skillz and I’ve never met anyone who could keep a completely diverse group captivated for such a long period of time.  We are seriously hoping to snag this girl for year-round but college may prevent that reality.  Either way, it’s going to be hard to imagine a time when she’s gone.  I’ll think about that tomorrow.  Or not.

Anyway, I used the time at church today to get our phone tree set up.  That’s one of those calling devices for sending out reminders to the church population for upcoming events.  After I got all the computer/hardware set up, it was time for Luke to make his recording.  If our church members could have witnessed the Barnum and Bailey way we approached it, a U-Haul would  most certainly be in the driveway tomorrow.  

You just have to know Luke.  We are total opposites in personality so his phone voice comes across as very, well let’s say, unexciting reserved.  I’m thinking when you are promoting a Family Fun Day, you should sound enthused about it. So, after hearing Take One of the recording, I suggested he do it again but told him about a tip I’d heard once that he should smile as he was talking into the recorder.  

He might have said something like, “Would you take your ‘tips’ and get out of my office so I can do this?” while I howled uncontrollably.  

I said ‘might’ have. 

He may also have been interrupted a few more times by my peaking through the window and making faces at him while he was working on Takes Two through Fifty-Seven.  But only a completely Immature Preacher’s Wife would do something so lame.  It would be kind of funny if that’s how it really happened though.

At least Cheryl thinks so.

After we got the machine going, Luke, Cheryl (our secretary), Julie, Boy Three and I went to lunch and loaded Julie up with dating advice.  I’m so sure she appreciates having three more parents in her life.  With a full belly and a free afternoon on my hands, I came home and decided to take a short nap.  That was about 4 p.m.

Now, I have no idea why my husband didn’t wake me up but when it was time to go to ball practice but he says I was sleeping so well he hated to disturb me.  So, he and Boy went to practice and left me at home.  I slept. 

And slept.

And I woke up.  It was pitch black and in my brain fog, I was certain it was about 4 am.  I’d forgotten all about practice, etc. and was sure my family was safely in bed.  I focused in on the clock. 

8:47 p.m. 

I had been asleep almost 5 hours.  Luke and Boy came in shortly thereafter ready to hit the bed and I’m ready to hit the town.

Which is why I’m typing this post at 12:53 a.m.  Wide A Stinkin’ Wake.

I think I’ll jump off here now and see if sleep is a possibility.  It isn’t looking likely.

Who knew you could be jet lagged without ever leaving home?




Have I mentioned how I love being back on WordPress?

One of my favorite features is the Dashboard that tells you everything about your blog you’d want to know in one snapshot.  I’ve always gotten a kick out of reading search terms people used to my site but I rarely ever looked at them on my old stat program.   Imagine my mild amusement when I saw that people found my blog by these googles:

1. My mom is a loser.          Boys, have y’all been sneaking on the computer again?

2.  Grumpy Greek Men.  I’ve got some grumpy.  I’ve got some men.   But Greek?  Notsomuch.  However, Luke loves rolled grape leaves and baklava.  Does that count?   

3.  Preacher who can raise his wife from the dead.     Have y’all seen the part of Fireproof when Kirk’s wife is sick and he goes to Chic Fil A, brings her something to eat and loves on her until she’s better?  That scene made me bawl because it’s totally something Luke would do and has done.  Thankfully though I’ve never given him opportunity to practice his resurrection skillz.  He’s good, but he’s not that good. 

What are some of the weird ways people have found your blog?

One more little update:  I saw the header of my new blog design and it’s great.  I’m so excited about relaunching this site to hopefully a whole new level of fun!  In keeping with the last google search, sometimes you have to flat out kill something to raise it. 

I think I’ve accomplished the killing part.


Friday night we headed to the Drive In for some cheap family fun.  Believe it or not, you can still watch a new release for $10 per car – no matter how many people you have crammed inside.  Just one of the advantages of living in a town that isn’t much evolved from Mayberry.  I love doing things that make me feel like a good mom – like packing a cooler full of snacks and inviting a friend along and bringing plenty of blankets to make a comfortable pallet for the kids.  It was a textbook summer evening.

The double feature was Night at the Museum and Land of the Lost.  Thanks to you who advised us about the typical Will Farrell nastiness of the latter.  But to be fair, since it didn’t start until 10:30 p.m., our fuddy duddiness would have kept us from staying awake that late  even if it was a documentary of Will’s salvation and subsequent call to missionary service.    

Okay, maybe I would have stayed for that but I definitely would have worn my pj’s to the show.

Would you like me to get to the point now?  Okay.

We absolutely LOVED Museum. 

I wish I would have had the forethought to write down some of my favorite quotes.  Here’s just a few of the best things:

1.  The Pharaoh with the lisp, Kha Mun Rah.  He was fabuluth.  Loved him sitting on a pile of treasure he’d found in the Smithsonian basement and saying, “Who ever you are Archie Bunker, you have a very comfortable throne.”    Also cracked up when he dissed Darth Vader. “You have too much going on.  Asthma and a cape?  I don’t think tho.”

2.  Conceited General Custard while brushing his golden mane:  “In some countries, my hair is considered currency.”   Also loved him trying to figure out Sacajawea’s name.  Hysterical.

3.  The cherub boy band.   So New Kids on the Block.

4. Ben Stiller’s opening struggle with the Smithsonian night guard.  “It’s pronounced Brundon.”

5.  The Einstein Bobble heads.  “Are you saying yes or no?”

Okay, obviously I’m reliving this for myself but I hope you’ll take away a hearty thumbs up on this flick.  Two cuss words the whole time.  Both of the the D-word.  Have no idea why they couldn’t have left them out but I’m sure it was the studio being rebellious. 

So next I’m hoping to see Up.  Have y’all seen it?   Thumbs up or down?

(Pun intended)


Last week I shared with you girls that I totally wonked my blog by deciding I could re-do it myself.  Not a smart move.  Well, The Amies of A Woman Inspired Conference fame have taken pity upon me and come out of blog design retirement to rescue this doofus in distress.  I can not adequately express the depth of gratitude I’m feeling towards those precious girls right now.  With that said, I’m TOTALLY stoked over a re-launch that will be happening soon with a website that will hopefully be a full on resource for ministry wives as well as maintain the personal community we have with one another. 

In the meantime, I’ve discovered a fabulous free trial  of Photoshop CS4 that I just happened to run across during my design dilemmas.  I’ve just begun scratching the surface of it, but I’ve already realized why I had no success with  It is just a joke to work with once you have experienced the real thing.  What’s even better are the free video tutorials on the site.  They are very helpful and satisfy my need to learn visually instead of figuring things out by written instructions.  My goal is to be able to design my own headers once The Amies have my basic site up and running.  That much I can do.  I’ve learned my lesson on trying to tweak templates. 

It’s definitely not my spiritual gift.

Anywho, if you are interested in taking a look at the Photoshop Trial, go here. (Actually you can have a free trial of any product for 30 days.  Just figured that out!)  Heads up, it takes a little while to download but well worth it. 

Happy Editing!


p.s.  Check out The Woman Inspired site for info on the upcoming Parenting and Home Educator Conference!

During summer break, one of the ways I retain my sanity is to make sure my kids are enrolled in every VBS within a 30 mile radius.  Our church held Boomerang Express last Monday thru Friday and this week they are going with some friends to a VBS Boot Camp.  Summer Camp is in mid-July for two of them so at this point, I figure if I hit it just right, I’ll have at least 2 hours of peace and quiet per day until August 11th when those wonderful educators at our local school throw those blue doors wide open and declare it’s time for the children to return.

So, I’m exaggerating. 

A little.

I’m not really looking for ways to get rid of my kids though there have been years past on vacation when we’ve threatened to drop them off at a local VBS so we could afford to go to a really great restaurant instead of Backyard Burger.  

You’re welcome for that money-saving tip.  I’m full of them.  Really. 

Actually, we’ve been having a great time together since May 22nd thanks to all the swimming that’s been going on.  We have some besties with a pool who are gracious to invite us often and when we aren’t there, it seems there is some water-related event to attend.  There have been pool parties, water balloon fights, water ride parties, and the occasional water hose war in the back yard just in case there isn’t enough liquid squishing out of the kids’ heads.  Summer just isn’t summer without at least one raging case of swimmer’s ear.

This post has no point whatsoever other than to say we will most likely be doing a couple of short vacation trips this summer instead of an extended one.  In case you haven’t heard, apparently our economy is in the toilet and it now appears North Korea is about to bomb Hawaii so those plans are out.   We were also considering a quiet visit to Tehran, but  all those people shooting one another in the streets would keep me awake at night.  I’ve never been able to sleep through gunfire, dadgummit.  So, considering our entire planet IS ABOUT TO IMPLODE, it just feels like a good time to stay close to home. 

I want Jesus to know where to find us when He comes back.

Some good friends at church told us about this place that looks fabulous and I know the kids would love it.  I’m going to call to negotiate some better pricing though.  I twitch at the thoughts of paying rack rates.  We are also planning to see the Rome Braves on a cool giveaway night and throw in a trip to the local drive in for good measure.  And yes, we still have a drive in!  It’s $10 per car and they have the best hamburgers EVER.  Tomorrow night is a double feature of Night at the Museum and Land of the Lost.  Have any of you seen LotL?  I’m dying to see what they’ve done with it since I used to camp in front of the television to watch what happened to Marshall, Will, and Holly on their routine expedition.  BUT,  I have this sinking feeling Will Ferrell will insert non-original content so that it won’t be appropriate for the kids.  Have y’all seen it?  Does he talk nasty?

Sooo…  here we are at the end and it just occurred to me I should ask you to share with me some fun one-day adventures you’ve taken with the fam?  Where did you get the most bang for your buck?

Oh, and I just wanted to say I’ve missed y’all. :)

Peace Out,


I’m stressed.

That’s not exactly the word I want to use to characterize myself during summer break nor do I want to be depressing but it’s just the simple truth. Long story that I won’t even pretend is short, my debit card was stolen (or rather conveniently picked up by a McDonald’s employee in the window where I accidentally left it) and a 22-year-old girl went on a shopping spree that has pushed me right off the edge of compassion into downright unrighteous indignation. My days have been filled with more visits and calls than I care to count between the police department and bank. I’m hoping to be able to soon report that my financial institution has replaced the missing funds. As of right now, they have not and I’m pretty well aggravated that the tax dollars we contributed to buy out the entire industry seemingly have not purchased any accompanying customer service. I’m assuming you only get that if you have more zeros at the end of your balance than we do and if that were the case, this whole fiasco wouldn’t be as much of one! If the issue isn’t resolved soon, I’ll be sure and let you know who it is so you can AVOID THEM LIKE THE DERN PLAGUE. I’m on the fence about whether we will keep our accounts there.

I’m sure they are devastated.

Anyway, instead of also worrying over the fact I haven’t written regularly in a while, I am going to give myself permission to relax. I’ve got some revamping to do so I’ll be gone for a little bit but hopefully back rejuvenated and ready to go at it afresh. I want to be sure and thank all of you ministry wives who filled out the Woman Beside the Man questionnaires and to apologize for not posting those as frequently as I should. You are top of my priority list when I return. Thank you for your patience!

Hope you are having a summer filled with everything you wanted to do! I’m having a long overdue yard sale the end of this week to get rid of all the things we’ve accumulated in the past four years. After that, it’s the pool baby!

Be back soon!

May is not the ideal month to be without a camera. My good one broke some time back and my backup has officially bit the dust. I’m not ready to invest a huge amount of cash into a new one because there is this little thing called vacation I’d like to be able to enjoy with my family next month.

Here’s my question: Do any of you have a $100-ish digital camera that you are particularly fond of? What brand and model is it? Obviously, I’m not expecting professional quality, but there’s got to be a standout in this price range. I just don’t have the time or energy for research so who better to ask than you girls?!

I’d love to hang around but gotta run to the school for a luau.

Here’s hoping my camera isn’t the only one broken. Me in a grass skirt is not an image that needs capturing.

Y’all have a Happy Wednesday!

For the past few weeks, I’ve quasi-intentionally laid off writing hoping that a mental vacation would somehow energize the firing of the proper brain cells that produce interesting blog content. Turns out it doesn’t work that way. The longer my brain has remained dormant, the stupider I’ve gotten.

In a phrase, I got nothin’.

I’m pretty certain you are sick of hearing about The Shred. I’m on Day Sixteen. It still hurts. The End.

You already know we are at the ballfields every single night watching one non-descript game after another. Don’t judge me if I say having four kids on four teams has been exhausting and I’m over it. Of course I think my offspring are fabulous whether they strike out or make an excellent play. For the nanoseconds they are batting or actually touching the ball, my excitement level does rise. I wouldn’t dare not be there to support them and the team filled with children and parents we love but the truth is, I can’t wait for the season to be over. I would rather be on my sofa than in my folding chair. I would rather eat a meal on my kitchen table than on a bleacher. The End.

Lost is over until next season. I am completely baffled with the exception of discerning the overtly-obvious, uber-religious overtones that are no longer deniable. I’m afraid I’ll be forced to recant my love of the show once ABC has their way with it. But I’ll think about that next season. The End.

Luke just sat down to with me to share his sermon notes for Sunday. If I don’t listen, he’ll silently shame me into a more intentional blog hiatus and it will really be The End.

Y’all have a great weekend!