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Two Boys and the Only Girl just got home from a week spent with Grandmama and Papa.  I never thought I would say this with such enthusiasm but OH My GOSH I am so excited to have some NOISE up in this house again!  Those of you with multiple kids probably understand how unsettling it can be – albeit more peaceful – when all the chickens aren’t under your own roof. 

I had a fabulously long list of things I was going to do while they were all gone.  I didn’t accomplish a single one.  Sew/Embellish The Girl’s plain white curtains to match her comforter?  Still in the package.  Get caught up on laundry?   Significantly lower but still piled.  Pair all the socks in the overflowing, makes-me-twitch, sock basket?  Still digging for a match. Write a book chapter?  Outlined but approximately 500 words away from a suitable conclusion.  BUT, I’m proud to report none of these things got done because Luke and I spent a great deal of time together with Boy Three doing things like fishing, swimming, and eating a slushy-a-day from the new Froggy Freeze stand in town.  {My Homies, if you haven’t been there yet you simply have to try it.  SO yummy and SO cheap.  Need I say more?}

Speaking of fishing, I’m not a fan.  I’m not sure if my being the most impatient person on the planet is a factor or if an aversion to slimy, dead, stinky things is what pushes me over the edge.  Boy Three, arguably the toughest of the bunch, even screams like a girl when he tries to get a fish off the hook and it flips on him.  I don’t consider that a weakness because seriously, anyone  who acts like they enjoy touching all that stuff is flat out lying.  I should clarify by saying that I really do get a kick out of  the catching part, but unless I can reel one in every 3.7 seconds then the ADHD kicks in and I find I need to move on to getting a fresh Diet Dr. Pepper from the cooler or sticking food in the guys’ mouths so they don’t have to touch anything with their grody (how do you spell grody?) hands. 

It’s my angling ministry.

You should know I did catch one fish but it wasn’t without great support staff.   All the credit goes to Luke who took care of all the baiting,  untangled my line from a tree limb, and from that point forward made all my casts  so he wouldn’t have to do it again.  And then – when I hooked a lively 6-incher – got it off the hook and threw him back to swim another day.  He fared better than the other fish who swallowed the hook. Luke had to use the pliers to get it out wreaking havoc on the poor thing’s intestines.  I’ve never been an animal sympathist, but I have to admit I was a little bothered by that whole scene.  Imagine how much better I felt when my fish was barely snagged on the lip.

Whether I personally enjoy fishing or not, the pond one of our church members invited us to use was just beautiful (Thank you, Mr. G), the covered dock a cool shelter from the blazing sun, and a day with two of my favorite guys on earth one I won’t soon forget. 

I might just go again.

As long as I don’t have to touch anything but the snacks. 

Hope y’all have a great weekend filled with doing things you like with those you love! 




Today is Two, Two, Two Tips in one since I just figured out today is “Kitchen Day”.  My kitchen tip is to preserve dishwashing liquid by putting it in decorative bottle with a whiskey pouring top on it.  You can find these in the Kitchen Gadget section of Wal-mart.  They have rubber inserts which makes them fit tightly to most bottles.  You pour it as usual, but much less comes out at a time and is just as effective!  Not to mention, you can now leave  your DW liquid on your sink and it looks pretty! 

Bonus Tip: :) My son shocked me the other day by saying, “Mom, you know that picture with the verse on it that hangs in the bathroom above the toilet?  Well I memorized the verse on it all by peeing everyday.”  Needless to say, since I have three boys in the house who stare at this picture at least 10 times a day, a light bulb went off about how I could help them with their AWANA homework.  I am going to put notes on the picture with their Scripture memory!  Don’t know how effective it is going to be, but it is worth a shot! :))    

Satan must miss us cause he just came on and stayed with us all day long today!  He was in the busted water main this morning which occurred just as we were beginning showers to go to hubby’s aunt’s funeral out of town.  When we realized there was no water, what was the first thing THE PREACHER said but, “you didn’t forget to pay the bill – did you- argghhh?” (I don’t know why he thought that, it’s never happened before…cough, hmm, cough) No, the bill was paid, it was just Beelzebub in the water pipe, wreaking havoc for the 1 1/2 hours all week we need to be showering for a funeral.  So THE PREACHER goes and showers at a deacons house.    I decided to bathe at the in-law’s when we got to town.   

S0 – I dressed all the children and sprayed them with Lysol and Bath and Body spray.  We all brushed our teeth in bottled water.  I threw on clothes, pulled my hair back, and put on my blackest sunglasses. And of course I put on lipgloss. You could almost not tell I was on a nasty.  As we were pulling out of the driveway the water guy says, “we are turning your water back on right now.”  Yeah – thanks for that…Too bad it is TOO LATE!! 

 So, we leave the house – Satan followed. As we barrelled down the highway discussing how things just couldn’t get much worse, a precious little bird flew right in to our car.  THONK.  That’s all it took for that bird to kiss this life goodbye.  I hope it was born again.  Don’t worry, it’s not over.

Satan came on to the funeral.  I dropped off 2 of the kids and a PREACHER at the funeral home, sped to the inlaw’s, took a bath, and was back with 3 minutes left to spare.  TELL ME I’M NOT AWESOME! We sat through the service which THE PREACHER did an excellent job at by the way, and then went to the graveside.  As I was getting out of the vehicle, my door handle broke off in my hand.  I’m a good ole Southern girl and all, but I wasn’t exactly in the mood to play Dukes of Hazzard.  I did figure out if I rolled my window down, instead of jumping out through it like the General Lee, I could open the door with the outside handle.  It was CLASSY

To make this long story eternal, we leave with Lucifer on the luggage rack…We go to the after the funeral dinner hosted by the fabulous-church-ladies I talked about in another post, where our unfortunate luck is being discussed by some of our family members.  Hubby’s cousin in his likening me to Daisy Duke but is kind enough to remind me that I don’t look quite as good as Jessica Simpson who played her in the movie.  Thanks for that.  Now don’t get me wrong, I have never suffered under any delusion that I look like Jessica Simpson.  And no woman with four kids should ever wear those shorts. If you have 4 kids and do, this is an intervention…just say no.  BUT – Note to men everywhere: No woman wants to be told that she is not drop dead gorgeous!  We get it already – okay??   

I have no scripture for this one though it desperately needs some- except that God grants sleep to those He loves – and I’m laying claim to that promise cause I am just exhausted.   

 Love ya girls!

“Wisdom is supreme, therefore, get wisdom” Proverbs 4:7

Why do i feed my kids in the car?  It really is disgusting and being a preachers wife and all, shouldn’t I have a meat and three veggies on the table every night?  Shouldn’t I insist we hold hands and pray and sing KUMBAYAH (spelling?) and then shouldn’t I be passing mashed potatoes?  SHOULDN’T I?  Instead, I have learned that when you eat in the car (which happens mostly when we are running late for some sporting event which requires squalling tires out of the drive-thru instead of pulling over to distribute normally), Krystal burgers really are the best.  If you throw them from the front seat of the Suburban to the very, very back seat, you can get just enough centrifugal force going to keep the burger from flying out of the box and all over the car.  (Disclaimer:  This method has not been tested on any vehicles shorter than the length of a house.)  I am very good at this actually..there is a science to tilting the rearview mirror in just the right angle to be able to sling the box so as to hit just the right kid all without ever turning to look at them.  They love the “catch the burger” game…forget the old boring “pass the potatoes” thing.  Tell me I’m not the coolest mom EVER.    Please Note:  This does not work with burgers wrapped in paper.  Isaac Newton may could explain the technicalities of it all, but can you just trust me on this one?

Something else you should know….If you don’t throw them hard enough to activate the centrifugal force phenomenon, well let’s just say that pickles, onion, and mustard go off like a nuclear bomb.  and they stink up your car for a month.  I won’t even talk about what they do to the bathroom.  Preachers’ wives shouldn’t discuss such things, should we?  SHOULD WE?  Well I think potty humor is pretty funny actually.  I have three boys, I have no choice.

Here’s the thing…I, and many of my compatriots, do not submit to the stereotypical “preacher’s wife” image you may have in mind.  (I only submit to God, my husband, the authorities which is a different post, and NO, Ma’am, I’m not bitter about it…seriously!) I don’t wear sensible shoes or play the piano or heaven help us, sing.  But I do love Jesus, I love my life, and it is so fun to share it with you.  Welcome to this page.  Hopefully it’ll get more spiritual.  Anxious to hear about you….