This week has been pretty quiet around my house.  Three of the four kids have gone to their grandparent’s house in Georgia for a week of eating all manner of delicious food and generally getting spoiled rotten.  Poor Boy Three had to skip the fun because of baseball practice but I’ve just loved having the one on one time with him.  Not many people know this about him, but inside that fierce exterior is a boy who loves his momma.  Knowing that warms the cockles of my heart.

Wherever those are. 

You would think I would spend all this free time getting my house cleaned.  That hasn’t worked out for me but I have gotten some writing done poolside which is the best place for contemplative thinking outside of McDonald’s.  I took a break from that and went to the church today for the first installment of Terrific Tuesday – a summer program our children’s ministry intern, Julie, is running.  I’ve not mentioned Julie yet I don’t think?  She’s a fabulous 19 year old girl who feels God calling her as a Children’s minister and she is serving our congregation for the summer.  Our kids have all fallen head over heels for her.  She has some serious game playing skillz and I’ve never met anyone who could keep a completely diverse group captivated for such a long period of time.  We are seriously hoping to snag this girl for year-round but college may prevent that reality.  Either way, it’s going to be hard to imagine a time when she’s gone.  I’ll think about that tomorrow.  Or not.

Anyway, I used the time at church today to get our phone tree set up.  That’s one of those calling devices for sending out reminders to the church population for upcoming events.  After I got all the computer/hardware set up, it was time for Luke to make his recording.  If our church members could have witnessed the Barnum and Bailey way we approached it, a U-Haul would  most certainly be in the driveway tomorrow.  

You just have to know Luke.  We are total opposites in personality so his phone voice comes across as very, well let’s say, unexciting reserved.  I’m thinking when you are promoting a Family Fun Day, you should sound enthused about it. So, after hearing Take One of the recording, I suggested he do it again but told him about a tip I’d heard once that he should smile as he was talking into the recorder.  

He might have said something like, “Would you take your ‘tips’ and get out of my office so I can do this?” while I howled uncontrollably.  

I said ‘might’ have. 

He may also have been interrupted a few more times by my peaking through the window and making faces at him while he was working on Takes Two through Fifty-Seven.  But only a completely Immature Preacher’s Wife would do something so lame.  It would be kind of funny if that’s how it really happened though.

At least Cheryl thinks so.

After we got the machine going, Luke, Cheryl (our secretary), Julie, Boy Three and I went to lunch and loaded Julie up with dating advice.  I’m so sure she appreciates having three more parents in her life.  With a full belly and a free afternoon on my hands, I came home and decided to take a short nap.  That was about 4 p.m.

Now, I have no idea why my husband didn’t wake me up but when it was time to go to ball practice but he says I was sleeping so well he hated to disturb me.  So, he and Boy went to practice and left me at home.  I slept. 

And slept.

And I woke up.  It was pitch black and in my brain fog, I was certain it was about 4 am.  I’d forgotten all about practice, etc. and was sure my family was safely in bed.  I focused in on the clock. 

8:47 p.m. 

I had been asleep almost 5 hours.  Luke and Boy came in shortly thereafter ready to hit the bed and I’m ready to hit the town.

Which is why I’m typing this post at 12:53 a.m.  Wide A Stinkin’ Wake.

I think I’ll jump off here now and see if sleep is a possibility.  It isn’t looking likely.

Who knew you could be jet lagged without ever leaving home?