Have I mentioned how I love being back on WordPress?

One of my favorite features is the Dashboard that tells you everything about your blog you’d want to know in one snapshot.  I’ve always gotten a kick out of reading search terms people used to my site but I rarely ever looked at them on my old stat program.   Imagine my mild amusement when I saw that people found my blog by these googles:

1. My mom is a loser.          Boys, have y’all been sneaking on the computer again?

2.  Grumpy Greek Men.  I’ve got some grumpy.  I’ve got some men.   But Greek?  Notsomuch.  However, Luke loves rolled grape leaves and baklava.  Does that count?   

3.  Preacher who can raise his wife from the dead.     Have y’all seen the part of Fireproof when Kirk’s wife is sick and he goes to Chic Fil A, brings her something to eat and loves on her until she’s better?  That scene made me bawl because it’s totally something Luke would do and has done.  Thankfully though I’ve never given him opportunity to practice his resurrection skillz.  He’s good, but he’s not that good. 

What are some of the weird ways people have found your blog?

One more little update:  I saw the header of my new blog design and it’s great.  I’m so excited about relaunching this site to hopefully a whole new level of fun!  In keeping with the last google search, sometimes you have to flat out kill something to raise it. 

I think I’ve accomplished the killing part.