UPDATE:  I fixed comments so you don’t have to fill out a name and address.  Sorry! :)

Quite some time ago, I asked you girls some questions about a project that was and remains heavy on my heart.  Now that most of the edits are complete on Cute Shoes, it’s time to begin committing thoughts and research on this next subject to screen. I’m officially working on (as in I’m almost complete with an Introductory Chapter) a submission package in hopes it will find a publishing home.  (Wink, wink, David C. Cook friends:)

This book- complete with Bible study application- is about coming clean and  allowing the sometimes terrifying yet always liberating  light of God’s Word to invade the dark abyss of conscience.  It’s facing the secrets we all keep and embracing the freedom that comes from telling the truth.  It’s finding a community of believers with whom you are safe. (And yes, I realize that is easier said than done and therein lies a big part of our problem.) It will be a guide to living a fully disclosed life through the refining power of the Holy Spirit.

My first invitation is for you to respond to the following poll:

Now, I’d like to repost the original questions I asked and encourage you – if you feel compelled –  to answer them now if you didn’t get the chance in the past.  Please note that I intend to pull quotes from these responses to include in the book so you must answer anonymously in order for those to be used. 

Seems a little counter-productive for me to be writing a book on confession and telling you to be sure to remain anonymous, doesn’t it?   I’m really not trying to offer you a beer before I give you an AA brochure.  It boils down to permissions difficulties if I know your name.  Crazy, huh?    

With that said, here are a few questions to consider:

1. Do we try to keep our secret from God?  (There have been times I mistakenly thought if I didn’t word the issue to Him, it somehow didn’t exist.) Or perhaps we are just in denial with Him about the way it truly affects our relationship with Him and others.

2. Do we always have to tell it? Is there a time we can confess it to God, stop it, release it, process it through Scripture and then walk away?

3. What are we afraid of? Who are we trying to protect by holding on so tightly?

4. To what lengths are we willing to go to keep it? Will we become a habitual liar to keep people from knowing we lied once?

5. What does it feel like when we do some truth-telling? To lay still and let God open us up and do a little secret-otomy. We know we can trust God to still accept us, but can we trust what people will do to us with the information? Can we handle it?

6. What kinds of things do we lie about? S*x, Infidelity, Money, Abuse, Addiction?

7. Does our secret even have to be something “big”?  If who we claim to be doesn’t add up to who we are in reality, does that make us a pretender? I love the meaning of the word conscience – it means, “to see throughout, transparency”. Is there consistency between our hearts and our hands?


Obviously there are many other facets to this topic and I welcome any and all of your thoughts.  I’ve been particularly vulnerable in this area because of my role as a minister’s wife and as a woman’s minister myself.  God has done a great work on me and my heart’s prayer is to be able to outline concise steps to living a completely disclosed life. 

I look forward to hearing from you!