Friday night we headed to the Drive In for some cheap family fun.  Believe it or not, you can still watch a new release for $10 per car – no matter how many people you have crammed inside.  Just one of the advantages of living in a town that isn’t much evolved from Mayberry.  I love doing things that make me feel like a good mom – like packing a cooler full of snacks and inviting a friend along and bringing plenty of blankets to make a comfortable pallet for the kids.  It was a textbook summer evening.

The double feature was Night at the Museum and Land of the Lost.  Thanks to you who advised us about the typical Will Farrell nastiness of the latter.  But to be fair, since it didn’t start until 10:30 p.m., our fuddy duddiness would have kept us from staying awake that late  even if it was a documentary of Will’s salvation and subsequent call to missionary service.    

Okay, maybe I would have stayed for that but I definitely would have worn my pj’s to the show.

Would you like me to get to the point now?  Okay.

We absolutely LOVED Museum. 

I wish I would have had the forethought to write down some of my favorite quotes.  Here’s just a few of the best things:

1.  The Pharaoh with the lisp, Kha Mun Rah.  He was fabuluth.  Loved him sitting on a pile of treasure he’d found in the Smithsonian basement and saying, “Who ever you are Archie Bunker, you have a very comfortable throne.”    Also cracked up when he dissed Darth Vader. “You have too much going on.  Asthma and a cape?  I don’t think tho.”

2.  Conceited General Custard while brushing his golden mane:  “In some countries, my hair is considered currency.”   Also loved him trying to figure out Sacajawea’s name.  Hysterical.

3.  The cherub boy band.   So New Kids on the Block.

4. Ben Stiller’s opening struggle with the Smithsonian night guard.  “It’s pronounced Brundon.”

5.  The Einstein Bobble heads.  “Are you saying yes or no?”

Okay, obviously I’m reliving this for myself but I hope you’ll take away a hearty thumbs up on this flick.  Two cuss words the whole time.  Both of the the D-word.  Have no idea why they couldn’t have left them out but I’m sure it was the studio being rebellious. 

So next I’m hoping to see Up.  Have y’all seen it?   Thumbs up or down?

(Pun intended)