During summer break, one of the ways I retain my sanity is to make sure my kids are enrolled in every VBS within a 30 mile radius.  Our church held Boomerang Express last Monday thru Friday and this week they are going with some friends to a VBS Boot Camp.  Summer Camp is in mid-July for two of them so at this point, I figure if I hit it just right, I’ll have at least 2 hours of peace and quiet per day until August 11th when those wonderful educators at our local school throw those blue doors wide open and declare it’s time for the children to return.

So, I’m exaggerating. 

A little.

I’m not really looking for ways to get rid of my kids though there have been years past on vacation when we’ve threatened to drop them off at a local VBS so we could afford to go to a really great restaurant instead of Backyard Burger.  

You’re welcome for that money-saving tip.  I’m full of them.  Really. 

Actually, we’ve been having a great time together since May 22nd thanks to all the swimming that’s been going on.  We have some besties with a pool who are gracious to invite us often and when we aren’t there, it seems there is some water-related event to attend.  There have been pool parties, water balloon fights, water ride parties, and the occasional water hose war in the back yard just in case there isn’t enough liquid squishing out of the kids’ heads.  Summer just isn’t summer without at least one raging case of swimmer’s ear.

This post has no point whatsoever other than to say we will most likely be doing a couple of short vacation trips this summer instead of an extended one.  In case you haven’t heard, apparently our economy is in the toilet and it now appears North Korea is about to bomb Hawaii so those plans are out.   We were also considering a quiet visit to Tehran, but  all those people shooting one another in the streets would keep me awake at night.  I’ve never been able to sleep through gunfire, dadgummit.  So, considering our entire planet IS ABOUT TO IMPLODE, it just feels like a good time to stay close to home. 

I want Jesus to know where to find us when He comes back.

Some good friends at church told us about this place that looks fabulous and I know the kids would love it.  I’m going to call to negotiate some better pricing though.  I twitch at the thoughts of paying rack rates.  We are also planning to see the Rome Braves on a cool giveaway night and throw in a trip to the local drive in for good measure.  And yes, we still have a drive in!  It’s $10 per car and they have the best hamburgers EVER.  Tomorrow night is a double feature of Night at the Museum and Land of the Lost.  Have any of you seen LotL?  I’m dying to see what they’ve done with it since I used to camp in front of the television to watch what happened to Marshall, Will, and Holly on their routine expedition.  BUT,  I have this sinking feeling Will Ferrell will insert non-original content so that it won’t be appropriate for the kids.  Have y’all seen it?  Does he talk nasty?

Sooo…  here we are at the end and it just occurred to me I should ask you to share with me some fun one-day adventures you’ve taken with the fam?  Where did you get the most bang for your buck?

Oh, and I just wanted to say I’ve missed y’all. :)

Peace Out,