“How did I end up here”, you say?

Perhaps you should ask someone who has a clue.

{That person isn’t me.}

The whole  blog redesign/deletion/move extravaganza began a few days ago with nothing more than an impulsive, “I can’t bear looking at shabby chic one more day.”  So, I started looking for Blogger templates because I mistakenly thought I knew enough html to tweak one to my liking without having to spend a fortune on a total makeover. 


I am really after a magazine template that has a feature area – preferably including a slider that would highlight different areas of the website –  and is decidedly more grown up looking than the whimsical stuff I typically gravitate toward.  There were several free templates with these features but, in the words of my friend Missy, OH MY SKULL.  There were SO MANY modifications that had to be made and after staring for hours and hours at lines of code and thinking I finally had it right only for the whole thing to go wonky on me, I seriously became concerned I’d give myself an aneurysm. 

So, here’s where I’ve landed.  Back home.  To my original WordPress love that I never wanted to leave years ago but my Blogger design required it.  I was able to import all my Blogger stuff and, get this, I now have a DOT COM!  I am officially….. www.APREACHERSWIFE.COM.   I can’t even talk about how upset I am that someone has thepreacherswife.com for a stupid ad site.  I’m sure I could probably hunt them down and offer to buy it, but that won’t be happening anytime soon.  And, considering I’m only A preacher’s wife and not THE preacher’s wife, I suppose the name works.  

Back to the redesign. 

WordPress has lots of free templates  but I have no clue how to use the fttp thingie.  SO, it looks like I’m going to be shopping around for a designer that hopefully won’t charge me the thousands of dollars  she’s worth to overhaul the place.  I really want to be able to have Ministry, Personal, and Bible Study features without burying  one or the other. 

With all that said, if you still have any interest in keeping up with me after all this craziness, please update your readers!  I have redirected my blogger to come here so hopefully all eleven of us will  be together again soon.