Today is Two, Two, Two Tips in one since I just figured out today is “Kitchen Day”.  My kitchen tip is to preserve dishwashing liquid by putting it in decorative bottle with a whiskey pouring top on it.  You can find these in the Kitchen Gadget section of Wal-mart.  They have rubber inserts which makes them fit tightly to most bottles.  You pour it as usual, but much less comes out at a time and is just as effective!  Not to mention, you can now leave  your DW liquid on your sink and it looks pretty! 

Bonus Tip: :) My son shocked me the other day by saying, “Mom, you know that picture with the verse on it that hangs in the bathroom above the toilet?  Well I memorized the verse on it all by peeing everyday.”  Needless to say, since I have three boys in the house who stare at this picture at least 10 times a day, a light bulb went off about how I could help them with their AWANA homework.  I am going to put notes on the picture with their Scripture memory!  Don’t know how effective it is going to be, but it is worth a shot! :))