We have survived Armageddon, or WinterFest ’07, whichever you prefer to call it.   The thing that has taken over my every waking moment for weeks now has finally been  put to bed.  And, would you like to know how much money was raised for our PTO?  Drumroll please….$10,000 stinking dollars!  Wahoo!  That rocks for a school with 470 kids! 

So now is time for intervention.  Because, ya’ll, it went really well and I’m already thinking in my mind that this first year was the hardest and next year would be sooo much easier.  And we have already discovered so many ways to make it a little bit better and I’m just freaking out because I am afraid I will do it again!  I am afraid I will do it again!

The thing that occurred to me today is that if it had gone horribly, I would have been in bed depressed for weeks.  Why is it that we so often base the things we do on how we think people will respond to us instead of simply following God’s leading?  Is this some new way to determine those projects we should take on or not?  By whether a positive or negative reaction will send us into an abyss of despair if the outcome is not what we wanted?  Because I am thinking God-things will leave us reasonably okay with whatever happens.  Lord, I am rambling. 

Just wanted to say thanks to you who have offered to help, expressed support, and promised to tie me in a chair when it is time for PTO elections next month. 

I’m going to bed now.