Works for Me Wednesday

Rocks In My Dryer hosts a great blog-a-thon on Wednesdays where everyone is invited to post tips that, well, work for them.  Run by and visit…Shannon has a great site!

What’s working for me?  CHORE CHARTS, BABY.

Yeah, Yeah, I know it is overdone.  But it has never been done at my house until I had a nervous breakdown last week over cereal bowls and dirty underwear.  The hammer has fallen and now there are four, count them four, chore charts on my refrigerator.  If the kids check them off each day, they get a pat on the head and allowance at the end of the week.  If they don’t, I torture them mercilessly.  I quite like it.  If you would like too see what mine looks like, send me a note and I’ll email it over to you.  I am telling you this has revolutionized my home this past week

My oldest son’s take on the charts? “You do realize you are completely breaking the child labor laws don’t you?” Whatever…sue me. )