I have officially started the road towards a Biblical Studies degree and my mind is already blown.  Can anyone say, “you are too old for this!”  At this season in life baking cupcakes for my kids’ classes at school makes sense.  Cleaning my house instead of typing on this thing makes sense.  Trying to learn who all of the Herodian rulers and Roman Emperors of ancient Palestine were, the years of their reign and the significance of each individual does not make sense.  Except that I love it.  I guess that makes me a Nerd For Jesus.  Maybe we could start a movement?  Just pray I’ll persevere…I’m a great starter but the finishing part? not-so-much.  Just ask anyone who has followed me through my computerprogrammernursehairdresser phases.   And for the ‘Daniel’ study girls – hang in there! do your homework!  Knowing His faithfulness only comes through knowing His Word.  You’ll never be the same after 12 weeks in it!  I just love that we are all getting sooo smart!! (as she claps her hands and squeals)  Blessings on you my girlfriends!!